Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Better Than Over The Counter?

Teeth WhiteningA big, white smile is important to many people, and often looked on as one of the top aesthetic qualities to have. There are many options for tooth whitening procedures, including at home kits that you can find in the grocery store or pharmacy, and more powerful treatments which take place in dental offices.

How does tooth whitening work?
There are two types of staining on teeth: extrinsic, or on the surface of the tooth, and intrinsic, which is deeper inside of the tooth. Extrinsic stains are often caused by the foods and drinks a person consumes, along with external factors. Coffee and other dark colored drinks and tobacco use are common extrinsic stain culprits. Intrinsic staining can be attributed to trauma, too much fluoride or aging. Whitening toothpastes and rinses can remove some of the extrinsic stains, but only actual whitening agents can remove the deeper intrinsic staining. The gels used to whiten teeth contain ingredients that can penetrate deep into the layers of the tooth to break down the molecules that are discolored by breaking the bonds that hold them together. When the molecules detach and spread out, a whiter color is achieved.

At home kits vs. in-office whitening
While both at home kits and in-office whitening procedures effectively lighten teeth, they do work differently. In-office whitening is supervised by a dentist, meaning that the whitening agents can be much stronger than over-the-counter varieties. In-office visits also usually involve a light which is used to speed up the whitening process. Compared to home kits, which could require you to have gel strips or whitening trays in the mouth for up to two hours every day, the process is much faster and more efficient when performed under the care of a dentist.

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