Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Are your teeth causing you pain?root canal

Your Putnam, CT, dentists at Stephen A. Solomon, DMD & Associates, can help relieve your pain. Tooth pain makes life difficult and can cause other problems if you don't deal with it.

When would you need a root canal?

Most people are afraid of root canal treatments because of rumors of pain and agony, but that is just a myth.

If the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, your doctor needs to remove it. Your Putnam dentist will disinfect the canal where the pulp was located and seal it to prevent bacteria from entering.

What causes the infections?

There are several reasons why your tooth may have been infected. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Poor dental hygiene plays a huge role in your teeth being exposed to bacteria. Brushing twice a day and flossing are a crucial part of your oral regiment and should never be skipped.
  • Dental procedures like a tooth filling that has become damaged may allow bacteria to enter and affect the dental pulp.
  • Sports are fun and a great way to relieve stress, but if your tooth suffers from trauma like cracks and chips, bacteria will find a way to your pulp causing inflammation and infection. That's why it is vital to visit your dentist as soon as possible and get your tooth fixed.

Getting a root canal is important to keep your teeth healthy. There's no need to be worried about a painful procedure because dentistry is more advanced today! For more information or to schedule an appointment for a root canal or another treatment, call your Putnam, CT, dentists at Stephen A. Solomon, DMD & Associates, at (860) 928-6533.

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