Dental Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

Discover the many ways in which dental crowns could benefit your crowns

Dealing with an injured or unattractive tooth can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. After all, our Putnam, CT, dentists Dr. Stephen Solomon, Dr. Jonathan Solomon and Dr. Gerald Cohen make it easy to restore your smile with the help of a dental crown. Are you ready to learn more about this popular dental restoration and how it could turn your smile around?

What is a dental crown?

Chances are good that you’ve seen this tooth-shaped restoration before, whether you know someone who has one or you’ve seen it advertised on a billboard for a dental practice. This restoration is made to look just like the crown of a tooth and is completely hollow so that it can fit over a tooth to become its new protective outer layer.

Who can benefit from crowns?

Dental crowns can actually offer far more advantages for your oral health then you may even realize. These restorations are multi-purpose and provide those dealing with both cosmetic and restorative problems a chance to get a healthy, beautiful smile back. Our Putnam, CT, cosmetic dentist might recommend getting a dental crown if:

You have a damaged tooth: While teeth are extremely resilient it doesn’t mean that they can’t still incur damage. Whether you chipped, cracked or fractured a tooth during a game or you are dealing with severe decay or an infection, there are many problems that arise that can affect the health and integrity of a tooth; fortunately, by cementing a dental crown over the tooth we can prevent the problem from getting worse and almost fully restore function and strength.

You have an aesthetically unpleasing tooth: There are a lot of people who have healthy smiles but you just wouldn’t know it because there are certain cosmetic flaws such as severe discolorations or malformed teeth that keep them from having that ideal smile; however, if you are looking for a cosmetic solution to improve the shape, size or even color of one or more teeth, then dental crowns could offer the results you want.

You are missing a tooth: Are you missing a single tooth or a couple teeth in a row? If so, then you may be considering dental implants or a dental bridge. Of course, a dental crown is also an integral part of your tooth loss treatment. If you choose to get a dental bridge, crowns will be placed on natural teeth to support the false teeth in the middle. For implants, the crown will be placed over top of the implant to restore a missing tooth.

Are you interested in finding out if dental crowns are the best dental restoration in Putnam, CT, to meet your goals and improve your oral health? If so, let our dental team help you. Call our office today!

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