FAQs about Laser Dentistry

Find out how laser dentistry is changing the face of dental care in Putnam, CT.

When we think of lasers, we often think about their use in computer technology, printing services, or welding. However, they are proving tolaser dentistry be extremely useful within the medical field, as well! Our Putnam, CT, dentists, Drs. Stephen and Jonathan Solomon use lasers to help with everything from treating common dental issues to pinpointing problems. Here’s what you need to know about laser dentistry:


Q. What can a dental laser be used for?

A. At the moment there are three different ways that dental lasers are being used at our Putnam office: soft tissue treatment, hard tissue treatment, and the detection of disease.


Q. What oral diseases can a laser detect?

A. Lasers are extremely precise, which means that they can detect the smallest flaws and defects in a tooth, including ones that are invisible to the naked eye. Furthermore, lasers can be used to detect the buildup of tartar along and under the gum line to prevent gum disease. They can also be implemental in detecting the early signs of oral cancer.


Q. What soft tissue treatments use lasers?

A. As we mentioned above, lasers can be used to detect the presence of tartar buildup, an ailment which can lead to gum disease. Lasers can also be useful in treating gum disease by killing the bacteria that is present both along and below the gumline, a method that leads to less discomfort as compared to traditional treatment methods. Lasers can also treat ulcers of the gums and lips.


Q. How are dental lasers used in hard tissue treatments?

A. While the standard is to still use automated tools to remove decay from a tooth, dentists are increasingly using lasers now to remove cavities. This is because the incredible precision of the laser allows dentists to remove the decayed areas of the tooth while keeping as much healthy enamel intact as possible.


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