Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Find out if your smile could benefit from what dental implants have to offer.

Whether you are missing one or several teeth it’s important that you seek the proper dental care you deserve so that you can get your dental implantssmile back on track. Luckily, our Putnam, CT dentists Dr. Stephen Solomon and Dr. Gerald Cohen are here to do just that. We offer an array of dental services to cater to all of your needs, and if you need to replace missing teeth then it’s time to learn more about dental implants.

What is a dental implant?

To make it as simple as possible a dental implant functions just like a natural tooth root. It’s even placed in the jawbone to take the place of your missing tooth’s roots.

Over time, the bone and surrounding tissue will grow around the implant and become one. This is known as osseointegration and it’s what makes a dental implant so effective. An implant can also be used to place one or several missing teeth.

Am I a good candidate for getting dental implants in Putnam, CT?

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth could benefit from getting dental implants. Of course, we will need to evaluate your oral health to make sure you are healthy enough for implants.

Good candidates will also be adults who are non-smokers or those planning to quit smoking prior to their procedure (smokers are more likely to experience implant failure than non-smokers). You should also not be pregnant or planning to become pregnant during your treatment process.

Besides being in good general health and maintaining good oral health, you should have a healthy immune system that isn’t compromised by chemotherapy, radiation, taking immunosuppressants, etc. The healthier you are the better and easier getting dental implants will be.

Dental implants have been giving countless patients back their healthy smiles and they could do the same for you. Turn to Stephen A. Solomon, DMD & Associates in Putnam, CT a consultation to see if implants are truly ideal for you. Don’t you want a healthy smile again?